Jyothidarsana Institute for Counseling & Mental health was started by CMI congregation at Thodupuzha, Kerala, India on November 28, 1993. The centre aimed to provide counseling and mental health services to family, couples, teenagers and alcoholics etc. The center offered regular counseling service with psychologists, Psychiatrists and counselors. The centre also started training programs in psychological counseling.

The new campus of Jyothidarsana was inaugurated on April 12, 2012. At present the Institute functions in a spacious campus with a serene environment and includes a well-equipped library with over 3,000 books specializing in counseling, mental health and psychology. Well furnished counseling and therapy rooms, class rooms, and conference halls make Jyothidarsana truly a place of excellence and learning. We provide counseling & mental health services to people of all walks of life

In order to expand the services of Jyothidarsana, land was purchased at Pulluvazhy, Perumbavoor, for the new campus. On December 8, 2007 the foundation station stone was laid for the new building and the construction was started.

Jyothidarsana also conducts training programs in psychological counseling and mental health to prepare future counselors. We extend our services to schools, colleges, hospitals & communities to provide counseling and mental health education. We are planning university recognized courses in Psychology and mental health to train future counselors and mental health workers.